Mango is one of the popular fruits in the world due to its attractive color, delicious taste and excellent nutritional properties. Known for its sweet fragrance and flavor, the mango has delighted the senses for more than 4000 years. A celebrated fruit, mango, now produced in most of the tropical parts of the globe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mango production worldwide

The rapid growth of mango production in recent years has been due to its expansion into new growing regions of the New Worlds, China and parts of Africa; the planting of regular bearing selections; and the adoption of modern field practices, which include irrigation management, control of flowering, etc. There is an estimated 3.7 million ha of mango worldwide.

Mangoes form a regular part of the diet of people in areas where the fruit is easily grown; it may be eaten ripe or green.

The mango is the most important fruit of Asia, and currently ranks fifth in the total production among major fruit crops worldwide after bananas and plantain, citrus, grapes and apples. The top five largest mango exporting countries are Mexico, India, Brazil, Peru and the Philippines with export world value at US$560.4 million.

The largest mango producing country is India, where this crop has been cultivated for 4000 to 6000 years. India produces approximately 10 million metric tons of mangoes annually, which is more than 35% of the world’s production. In 2012 India produced mango about 15.25 million metric tons out of worldwide production at 42 million metric tons.

The top five mango importing countries are the USA, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh with import valued at US$703.9 million.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, world mango production has increased from 16,903,407 tons in 1990 to 28,221,510 tons in 2005.

Approximately 1% of mango production is utilized for processing for juice, nectars, preserves, fruit leather, dried fruit slices, frozen pulp, and as a flavoring for baked goods, ice cream, yoghurt, etc.
Mango production worldwide

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