Mango is one of the popular fruits in the world due to its attractive color, delicious taste and excellent nutritional properties. Known for its sweet fragrance and flavor, the mango has delighted the senses for more than 4000 years. A celebrated fruit, mango, now produced in most of the tropical parts of the globe.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Choleretics activities

Mangiferin is a natural antioxidant. Mangiferin is a 1,3,6,7-tetrahydroxyxanthone-C2-β-D-glucoside that has been reported to occur naturally in several genera. In Haiti, mango bark decoctions were utilized for liver disorders, and, mangiferin has shown hepato-protective and choleretic.

The pharmacology studies show Mangiferin from the leaves possess choleretics activities and displays a high antibacterial activity against gram positive bacteria.

Choleretics are substances that increase the volume of secretion of bile from the liver as well as the amount of solids secreted. Bile acids are the most potent agents which increase bile flow, especially unconjugated bile acids.
Choleretics activities
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