Mango is one of the popular fruits in the world due to its attractive color, delicious taste and excellent nutritional properties. Known for its sweet fragrance and flavor, the mango has delighted the senses for more than 4000 years. A celebrated fruit, mango, now produced in most of the tropical parts of the globe.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Mango powder: Production and applications

Mango powder offers several advantages over other forms of processed mango products like puree, juice and concentrate. Besides having a much longer shelf life due to a considerable reduction in water content, the transport cost is also significantly reduced.

The powder is a relatively stable preparation that can be used for flavoring confectioneries and pharmaceutical preparations as well as in the manufacture of formulated drink, flavored ingredient and baby foods. Dried mango powder is good adjunct in ice cream and bakery.

If the moisture content of fruit powders can be reduced to less than 4%, they can be used to make candy, toffee, fudge, etc. People, particularly children who do not like raw mango, may find these food products more appetizing.

Several drying technologies can be viable commercial options for the manufacture of mango powders, including freeze drying, drum drying, spray drying and Refractance Window drying.

Spray-drying is a process in which a liquid feed is finely dispersed or atomized to form droplets, which are eventually sprayed into a heated air chamber. The process facilitates the rapid evaporation of H2O from the feed droplets, thereby forming the powder particles.
Mango powder: Production and applications

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