Mango is one of the popular fruits in the world due to its attractive color, delicious taste and excellent nutritional properties. Known for its sweet fragrance and flavor, the mango has delighted the senses for more than 4000 years. A celebrated fruit, mango, now produced in most of the tropical parts of the globe.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Understanding Mango Malformation Disease: A Threat to Mango Production

Mango malformation disease, a fungal affliction, poses a significant challenge to mango cultivation worldwide. The disease, caused by Fusarium fungi, manifests as aberrant flower and leaf development, leading to compromised plant vigor and diminished fruit yield.

This malady spares no age group of mango trees, affecting both mature specimens and nursery seedlings alike. Mature trees exhibit distorted leaves, shoots, and flowers, while young nursery plants suffer from severe stunting due to malformed leaf growth.

The primary culprit behind mango malformation disease is Fusarium, with Fusarium mangiferae identified as a particularly menacing strain. Its discovery in Australia in 2007 raised alarms, prompting eradication efforts in isolated incidents like the successful containment achieved in Queensland in 2009.

Symptoms of mango malformation disease include the distinctive compact development of shoots and flowers. Interestingly, affected plants may simultaneously display both normal and abnormal growth, adding complexity to diagnosis.

This fungal infestation targets both inflorescences and vegetative portions of the mango tree. While the trees themselves typically survive the onslaught, the disease disrupts canopy development during the vegetative phase and dramatically reduces fruit yield during the floral phase. Consequently, mango growers face significant economic losses as malformed inflorescences fail to bear fruit, impacting the entire production cycle.

In conclusion, mango malformation disease poses a formidable threat to mango cultivation globally. Understanding its symptoms, causes, and impact is crucial for effective management strategies to safeguard mango orchards and ensure sustainable production in the face of this major mango disease.
Understanding Mango Malformation Disease: A Threat to Mango Production

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